Timber & Timber Products – new requirements

August 04, 2017

Who does this newsletter affect:  Timber and Timber product (commodity) importers, not timber packaging.

What is changing: On the 11th of September 2017, timber and timber products treated by heat, fumigation or irradiation methods offshore will be required to be exported within six calendar months and be accompanied by a manufacturer’s, supplier’s or exporter’s declaration (wording below).

Example Declaration wording: A manufacturer’s declaration or supplier’s declaration will require the following statements: “The <<insert product name/description>> have been stored in an appropriate way to minimise the risk of infestation or contamination by pests of biosecurity concern between the date that the goods *were treated/*entered the facility, and when the goods *were exported/*left the facility.”   *use applicable phase.   OR   An exporter’s declaration will require the following statement: “The <<insert product name>> were stored after treatment at the following locations in an appropriate way to minimise the risk of infestation or contamination by pests of biosecurity concern: <<list the following information about each product line: country of origin, the storage locations (address) and the dates the items were at each specific location>> The goods arrived in the country of export free of biosecurity concern and were stored at <<insert last point of storage location>> in an appropriate way that prevented infestation or contamination.”

Templates of declarations: Copies of blank declarations can be requested by contacting broker@tayper.com.au     Exceptions:

  1. Goods in consignments that have been sealed in a container and exported immediately after treatment.  Eg the date of treatment on the treatment certificate matches the export date (shipped on board date on the bill of lading).
  2. Consignments exported before the 11th of September 2017, will need to meet the current import conditions in BICON.  Evidence of export date prior to the 11th of September will need to be evidence on the bill of lading.


More Information for importers: More information on the new requirements can be found on the Agriculture website notice 71-7017. http://agriculture.gov.au/import/industry-advice/2017/71-2017

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