Asbestos Update

July 27, 2017
VIP REMINDER – A must read for all importers!  It is a recommendation from the CBFCA that we remind our importing clients of their requirements to ensure they are not importing goods which contain asbestos or asbestos containing material.  It ... Read more

March Newsletter

April 12, 2015
Contents: Free Trade Agreements/Partnerships KAFTA Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement JAEPA Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement Overview of all FTA's in force Stink Bug measures ex USA to Australia Food Labellin... Read more

Illegal Logging Newsletter

April 10, 2015 ,
CONTENTS Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012 Flowchart & Importer Authority for Customs Broker to answer Illegal Logging Prohibition CPQ Upcoming Quarantine Seminar Additional Information   1. Illegal Logging Prohibition Act... Read more

July Newsletter

March 07, 2015
Contents ChAFTA - China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Rate Restoration/GRI increase Australian Customs’ New Name - Australian Border Force Proposed Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Emergency Measures Trusted Trader Programme Port of ... Read more
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